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Top 4 in our Sales Marketing Stack

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There’s the sales and marketing stack we use in our company. Then there’s the stack we use for client work. We are confirmed software agnostics who believe that whatever you’ve got, if it’s working for you, it’s good enough for us. But we are human; we do have favorites. And, since you’re here, we’re happy to share our sales marketing stack with you.

Our Favorite Marketing Automation/Email /CRM Software

Hatchbuck  is an affordable all-in-one CRM and email marketing system that handles all your sales and marketing. For example, beyond sending emails, it monitors visitors to your website, and alerts you when they re-visit or click on a pre-determined link. It also scores their online behavior and prioritizes who your hottest prospects are. It starts at $99/month. We wrote a Hatchbuck review for Trust Radius that goes into a lot more detail. We have used Hatchbuck for 3 years, and we are Hatchbuck’s top partner. But it’s not the right fit for everyone, which is why we stay software agnostic for our client work.

Our Favorite Desktop Share / Presentation Software

Webinars and online coaching are a staple of our business model. We couldn’t do what we do without GoToMeeting / GoToWebinar, Citrix tools that not only broadcast our events, but allow us to screen share with our clients. There are many free and paid versions of desktop share/presentation software, but we keep staying with this one because of its reliability and functionality. They also have a great mobile app so you can present and attend presentations on the go.

Our Favorite Image Editing Software

Between the simplistic functionality of Microsoft Paint or Picture Manager, which comes free with most new computers, and the complex, expensive and for-designers-only Adobe Photoshop, is a lovely free downloadable called Paint.Net. YouTube has great tutorials for mastering simple things like making order buttons, display ads or removing backgrounds from images. It’s our go-to for quickie image editing software.

Our Favorite Online Scheduling Tool

Appointlet is one of hundreds of new online calendar sharing apps that all work pretty much the same way: by removing the hassle of the “back and forth” when trying to book a mutually convenient time with someone else’s calendar. We use it in our calls to action to let hot prospects schedule time with us automatically before we even contact them. Appointlet is very customizable for different meeting types, and it’s easy for your users to “book a meeting” without having to learn the software’s interface, which some of the other online calendar sharing programs don’t have.

What’s in your sales marketing stack? And why?


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