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Shortcuts To Marketing Success in 2014

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Which day is the best day to email? Tuesday, according to MarketingSherpa

Which day is the best day to email? Tuesday, according to MarketingSherpa

You know the old story about prisoners yelling out jokes by number because everyone has been in the stir for so long that they know them all by heart? For example, someone yells out “47,” and it gets a huge laugh. “I love that one!” another prisoner yells out.

Well, here are the only 10 shortcuts you need to plan an awesome marketing outcome in 2014, based on the Top 10 Marketing Research Charts from MarketingSherpa. (Shortcuts re-prioritized by me based on my favorites first!)

1. Tuesday is considered the most effective day for sending emails

5. Generating high-quality leads is everyone’s top B2B marketing challenge (not just yours!)

7. Email newsletters are most effective for lead nurturing. (In previous research, MarketingSherpa found that marketing departments with lead nurturing campaigns reported a 45% higher ROI.)

2. Content marketing is the tactic most likely to have a growing budget

3. Blogging is the most effective social media platform for SEO

10. Driving relevant content, more web traffic and increasing sales revenue are the top goals of email marketing

9. Webinars are the most effective content marketing channel

4. Video is the most effective mobile marketing tactic

6. Traffic is the most tracked website metric

8. When it comes to mobile marketing, the top business goal is to increase sales conversions and revenue

The punchline to the opening story is that when the new prisoner tried calling out joke “47,” no one laughed. “That’s because you didn’t tell it right,” he was told.

If you’re not sure how to tell your story to generate more sales leads and revenue next year, contact us for help.

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  1. I rarely read articles, but I read and liked this one. Good job!

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