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How To Become a Swiftpage Email Super Hero in 3 Months or Less

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Batman - Super HeroWhen I started our advanced SwiftpageConnect training series over 3 years ago, I wanted to share the Swiftpage email and drip marketing strategies that helped my company go from local to international stardom (!) as one of the top Swiftpage resellers worldwide.

I knew if we could do it for The Database Diva, operating in a highly competitive marketing space, we could help any Swiftpage subscriber master e-marketing and give his company an unfair advantage over his competition.

Recently, every time I check our bi-weekly registration list, I always find the same name on there: Tom Jennings of Environmental Impact. So I decided to interview him on why he keeps showing up!

(Scroll to the bottom of this article for an offer of free stuff if I interview you!)

Tell me about Environmental Impact. Where does your company fit in the marketplace? What’s your role in the company? What size is your database?

Environmental Impact LLC is a direct sales organization for a popular home cleaning system. I’ve been a distributor for 37 years. Our company has used a CRM program for 25 years with Swiftpage Act! being the program of choice for the last 8 years. Our database has grown to 14,000 contacts utilizing the versatility of the app.

Why did you first seek help from The Database Diva? What business problem were you trying to solve? Why couldn’t you do it on your own? What were you doing before we worked together?

We wanted to move our business in a new direction. We needed to reach our clients on a regular basis, and snail mail and phone conversations were not getting us the desired profits we wanted. Sales opportunities seemed to be slipping through our follow-up system. Exploring email and drip marketing appeared to be advantageous to staying top of mind and and responsive to our client’s.

How did The Database Diva help you with this challenge?

The Database Diva helped us organize and streamline our database to reach out to our base on a weekly and monthly basis with communications of new products, lead procurement and job opportunities.

What kind of results have you had? Were there any surprises in the process we used or with your results?

In the last two months on the webinar training program, Environmental Impact has been able to tweak our database to be more productive in a shorter time and utilize our limited manpower more effectively. Lori’s in-depth instruction is surprisingly easy to follow. We are seeing better follow-up procedures that have increased our profits by 10%-15%.

I took advantage of Lori’s free one-on-one Brainstorm Session. Her personalized insights have been invaluable and gave us new directions to explore. I believe we would not have given e-marketing such an immediate consideration without her thorough knowledge of our software.

What’s the next step you want to tackle with your database marketing?

We are putting e-marketing and drip-marketing high on our priority list of objectives to accomplish in the first quarter of next year. We know there are an incredible amount of opportunities that we as a company are leaving on the table with the size of our database.

What 3 tips would you give to others who may not have attended Swiftpage training yet?

You’ll learn the fundamentals through the webinar training. Then put them into practice and continue to partner with The Database Diva to personalize your options and give you incredible insights.

Thank you, Tom!

If you have a story about how The Database Diva or Swiftpage has transformed your business, let me interview you. As a thank you, you can have your choice of one free webinar training class or drip marketing blueprint of your choice from our Drip Marketing Letters series.

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