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Drip Marketing Campaign Generates $25,000 Order in 3 Days

By on May 29, 2013 in Drip Marketing | 2 comments

Last week we got great news from our client, Chris Miller of Artisan Precast, a manufacturer of precast concrete for heavy construction projects. He just deployed his first drip marketing campaign and wanted to tell us his success story. He gave us permission to share the transcript of our conversation… Chris:    Hey, you know what? I am so excited. You know how I’m...

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What’s the Best Way To Connect e-Marketing and Data Gathered in Online Forms – A Rebuttal

By on Aug 29, 2009 in Swiftpage Drip Marketing Automation Software | 0 comments

In a recent “Ask the Expert” column on www.btobonline.com, John Wechsler, president of FormSpring, asks this question: “What is the best way to connect e-mail marketing and data gathered in online forms?,” and then answers it by stating, “Your online form data should go directly to your email service provider (ESP).” No, no, no...

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