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Drip Marketing Campaign Generates $25,000 Order in 3 Days

By on May 29, 2013 in Drip Marketing | 2 comments

Last week we got great news from our client, Chris Miller of Artisan Precast, a manufacturer of precast concrete for heavy construction projects. He just deployed his first drip marketing campaign and wanted to tell us his success story. He gave us permission to share the transcript of our conversation… Chris:    Hey, you know what? I am so excited. You know how I’m...

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Party-Favor Designer Shares 3 Secrets for Creating Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

By on Apr 14, 2010 in Drip Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Case Studies | 1 comment

 CandyTorahs.com manufactures personalized, Jewish-themed party favors and place cards for special occasions. Unlike most of its competitors, the company specializes in serving a niche of Bar Mitzvah moms, planners, Synagogues, Jewish agencies, clergy and schools.  It’s a “one-man” show, says owner Harry Liebman, who develops the products, builds...

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Fear the Creative Process, Then Do It Anyway

By on Mar 24, 2010 in ACT! e-Marketing Copywriting Tips, Drip Marketing, Email Marketing | 6 comments

Sometimes a diva needs her own personalized silver soldered tiara. That was the mission on my recent vacation to beautiful San Diego where I was fortunate enough to land a spot in Portland artist Sally Jean’s workshop, “Totally Tiara.” I’ve been designing and creating jewelry for the past five or six years as a hobby. In my recurring fantasy,...

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