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Thanks for Your 615-Name Customer Email List. Love, Your Competitor

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Mass Email

Email Marketing Best Practice: Don’t send your Outlook address book

Hello, 2004! It’s 2015!

Apparently some marketers still think “saving time” is better than building relationships.

Like this email we got that used Outlook cc (bad) instead of bc (slightly less worse) and shared their entire address book with their entire database–and any competitors they may have. (Someone always knows someone!)

How would YOU feel if you got this email? Special? Or annoyed…and then AN-GRY that your email privacy was violated when it was sent to 614 people you don’t know???

Marketers: It’s the 21st Century. Get marketing automation software to do your email marketing.


  • Personalize each individual communication
  • Be CAN-SPAM compliant if you send in the US (Sorry, Canadians, you still have to get permission first)
  • Get tracking on who opened and who clicked what links
  • Be able to tag contacts into more hyper-targeted groups
  • Protect your database and keep your contacts private
  • Stop pissing off people you’re trying to turn into customers

(Outlook email message shrunk to readability oblivion to protect the guilty.)

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