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The Database Diva Philosophy

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“Lori has a knack for finding solutions for communicating with new potential customers. She is a good listener and a source of solutions.”Gary Zide, HBA

“The Database Diva is a marketing idea machine. Lori’s enthusiasm for helping us effectively market our business is contagious and has made s a significant difference in how we reach our customers. Every seminar, every email, every consulting session has the potential to ramp up your business!”Tom Petrie, Bad Dog Pictures

The Database Diva does one thing and one thing only: Work with business owners, sales executives and solo professionals to squeeze every drop of profit out of their customer list.

My approach is based on the concept of nurturing existing business relationships using database marketing. That term may sound intimidating and highly technical, but it’s really not.

Database marketing is simply a common-sense business tool that uses customer data to shift your company’s emphasis from selling products and services to the person you’re selling them to. By listening to customers and giving them what they want (not what you think they need) you achieve the ultimate business purpose: To grow your customer base.

Everyone conceptually understands why nurturing existing customer relationships is important. But most organizations do not consistently execute ROI-based relationship-building strategies. They treat business development as an offensive game, focusing mainly on getting “the next customer.” Or worse: They treat customers and prospects alike.

Consequently, the company’s number one asset, its customer list, is constantly under siege from competitor poaching, a loss of potential new business due to poor follow up, and customers who seek alternative providers because they feel underappreciated.

Actions speak louder than words.

It’s at least 7 times easier to sell to an existing customer than find a new one. Yet companies often expend 7 times the investment in time and talent prospecting and ignoring their #1 capital asset. Money doesn’t buy access to customers anymore.

Today you have to build a brand that attracts a community of “brand advocates.” In other words, people who love what you do, how you do it and aren’t shy about sharing their enthusiasm with others voluntarily (on social media) or when asked (review sites and testimonials).

To do this requires lots of educating and transparency in your process–nurturing! And that requires a combination of listening to the marketplace, listening to customers and opening a feedback loop for clients and potential clients to tell you what they want. You and your organization no longer control these customer conversations–your customers do–but you can influence them.

Therefore, your actions speak volumes about your intent. Are you filling your communication channels with desperate “buy it from me now” messaging? Or are you joining in the conversation already taking place in your clients’ minds using influence language via thought leadership?

Our role as your marketing partner is to assess the best way for your business to flip this 7:1 ratio so you’re in the running for and converting a high percentage of hidden opportunities in your customer base–then find you more future customers to add to your database.

We start with our trademarked 15-point diagnostic which identifies and benchmarks where you are now vs. where you want to be.

Then we select a project or series of projects to build a database marketing system that puts you on track for more referrals, more leads and more meaningful conversations. These projects can be done in one of 4 ways:

4 Kinds of Database Marketing Services

  1. “Done for You” Consulting. For well-established solo professionals or business owners who are experts in their field, see the value in pursuing a database marketing strategy, but simply don’t have the time or interest to do it themselves.
  2. “Hands On” Coaching. For business owners, sales professionals or solo practitioners who know what they want to accomplish and want us to “look over their shoulder” and coach them while they do the work themselves.
  3. Critique Session. You’re in the process of executing database marketing strategies to achieve company goals, but you’d like an expert to give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on various parts of your plan.
  4. 10-Minute Free Brainstorm Session. You’re just starting to wrap your arms around the concept of relationship marketing and social marketing, and you’d like a diagnostic on your customer database, website or social marketing plans as a first step in your thought process so you don’t make any mistakes or carry any misconceptions. The session includes an assessment of where you are now, plus actionable recommendations.

Here is a sampling of projects I work with clients on:

  • Website makeover for mobile optimization and more lead generation
    Improve your email open and click-thru rate
  • Design your triggered marketing sequences, using proven drip marketing strategies
  • Help you design better-performing landing pages (if you’re unclear about the role of landing pages on your website, you’re missing opportunities right now)
  • Create your up-sell and cross-sell promotions
  • Reactivate customers who went “missing-in-action”
  • Build new customer acquisition (lead generation) campaigns for you
  • Monthly coaching on how you can improve your database marketing results

Not sure where to begin?

Start with your free 10-minute brainstorm or call 1+314-485-4350.

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  1. Lori, I just found your stuff on the good ol’ interwebs and I can’t get enough. Its connecting with me exactly where I need help. I’m in the Seattle area and can do a 10 minute call any morning before 10 our time. Can you please let me know a couple of options that work for you? Thank you, jdk

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