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Two Email Marketers Walk into a Bar…

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2 Email Marketers Walk into a Bar“My email marketing template’s better than yours,” says the first one. I’m gonna knock it outta the park.”

The second email marketer says, “Are you frackin kidding me? No way is that POS graphic of yours going to produce a respectable open rate. And that subject line..? Fuggedaboutit.”

“Oh yeah?” says the first email marketer. “I happen to know there isn’t a serious ly qualified prospect on our customer database who would read one sentence of your crappy copy. And my mother could design a better HTML email template than that.”

“Fellas, fellas, no fighting in this bar,” cries the bartender. “Let’s split your list in half and send an email blast using both your templates. We’ll take it to the court of public opinion and let the open rates, click-thrus and sales speak for themselves.”

Both marketers look at each other, speechless, for a few seconds.

Then the first email marketer turns to the second email marketer and says, “My mobile messaging ad is better than yours…”

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