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Let Customers Update Your Database for You

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The old ball and chain of having a customer database is…

Who’s responsible for getting complete and accurate info up front? And who’s responsible for updating the info when it (inevitably) gets moldy?

No one ever wants to take their time to maintain their data, but when you need database accuracy for a sales or marketing initiative, your response rate will suffer if you start with bad information.

The best, most actionable data is data your customer updates for you…while opting in to receive future communication from you.

One of our clients spent 10 years as a successful mortgage broker, religiously capturing contact info from closing contracts. Then came the housing bubble.

By the time she was ready to start marketing again, she’d changed companies. Her old list contained only names and addresses, no emails and only some phone numbers, severely limiting her ability to reconnect with her former customers. Her own one-by-0ne outreach to update her list was time consuming and ineffective.

Our recommendation was to outsource her list updating to us. We would:

  • Go back up to 4 years to update addresses (no point to her marketing people who had died or moved out of state)
  • Append current phone numbers that were already scrubbed against the U.S. national Do Not Call List
  • Match and append email addresses (usually 15%-30% match rate)

For the updated-address-no-email contacts, we recommended she snail mail a postcard with an incentive to visit a landing page on her website where recipients could update their own email info.

For contacts with email addresses, we recommended she send a 12-month drip marketing campaign to reacquaint her contacts with her new services and the new state of the mortgage industry. Both of these tactics increased her lead potential immediately…as opposed to her own one-by-one marketing efforts.

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