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From 0 To 60 Web Leads in 90 Days – Case Study

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studdard moving

Studdard Moving Group added 6 new web forms to its website to increase lead generation.

What happens when you finally post “get a quote” forms on your website that actually send hot web leads to sales reps?

Yep: Lead City!

That’s what Matt Thrasher, Director of Brand and Business Development, discovered when his company, Studdard Moving Group of Kansas City, finally straightened out their website issues. “Our leads were going off into oblivion!” Matt said. “Who knows how many p***ed off inquiries were out there!”

The moving company’s website had been worked on by many ad agencies and website designers over the years. No one at Studdard knew how it was strung together, where the leads were redirecting or what their login credentials were. There was no way anyone in the company could see their Google Analytics, change or add new pages…or find their leads. (Unfortunately, we have many customers who come to us who are in the same situation.)

There was only one thing to do: Start over.

The Database Diva is not a website design company. But we get involved in our clients’ web challenges because a profitable database marketing system is dependent on synergies between CRM, website and marketing automation software.

For Studdard Moving Group, we retained the look and feel of the original web design, but focused on getting the forms right, since that was the direct path to sales. We increased the number of forms on the site (adding 6 more lead gen web forms to their existing “Contact Us” and “Get a Quote” forms). Then we set up each web form to:

  • Notify Matt via email alert after submission
  • Send an auto-responder message to the web lead
  • Start the lead on a drip marketing campaign

The immediate result was 60 web leads in 90 days. “Several people filled out forms on the site who were existing customers,” Matt said. “You’d think they would’ve picked up the phone and called us! One of them had their stuff in our storage facility, and filled out a web form to get a quote to have their belongings delivered.”

Matt was surprised by this, but this kind of web behavior is the trend. It’s also the reason why web forms work so well: No one wants to talk on the phone anymore, even though they’re navigating the web on their smart phones to do business. In fact, U.S. consumers used their mobile devices to the tune of $25 billion in shopping transactions in 2012, an increase of 81% over prior years.

Web leads come in from all over the country. “Our closing rate on web leads is very high, and even referrals from other customers are looking us up on the internet and using our web forms to contact us.”

If you want more web leads, add more web forms.

And if you need help to do it, contact us. “It took us 2 years to realize our web leads were going into a black hole. It makes you gulp…and it’s heartbreaking,” Matt said. Studdard Moving’s average order is $700 and up for a local move and $4,000 and up for an interstate move.

But as we like to say, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” And fix it, like Studdard Moving did.

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