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68% Say ‘My Website Doesn’t Work!’

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sales funnelWe recently polled our customers and prospects about their websites. Sixty-eight percent told us “my website doesn’t work” because they get fewer than 20 leads per month (18% said they get zero)!

Not surprising, then, 43% told us they were planning a website overhaul in the next 6 months.

If you have one of those “start over fantasies,” plan to spend $3,500-$10,000 and invest 6-12 months before you earn an ROI.  So before you pull the trigger, take this deep-dive analysis to be sure you know which problem you need to solve. Maybe instead of a brand new website, you only need a website makeover, which could save you 50%-75% of the cost and grab sales results faster.

Deep-Dive Analysis:

Which scenario best describes your situation?

A – “Our website doesn’t get enough traffic.”
B – “We get a lot of web traffic, but we don’t get a lot of leads.”
C – “We get enough leads, but we don’t close very many.”

If you answered A:

This is a top-of-the-sales-funnel problem. You’re not attracting quality visitors because your web information isn’t compelling or educational enough to them. Expertise that only you know how to explain to a novice helps you get found–not only by the search engines–but by online researchers who are focused on getting answers to their problems.

But just because they’re researching your product or service doesn’t mean they’re in a buying mode today. You must capture them in your sales funnel with persuasive landing page offers with a data-collecting web forms.

Web form submissions that connect automatically to your database make it possible for you to follow up with prospects again through drip marketing or email marketing. Follow up e-marketing drives them back to your website again and again so you have an opportunity to entice them with more compelling offers.

If you answered B:

You get a lot of lookers, but they’re not sticking. (Monitor your Google Analytics’ bounce rates, and you’ll see your actual metric.) When your bounce rates are high, you may be optimized correctly to attract visitors to your site, but once they get there, they don’t see anything that moves them to take an action with you. An action might be filling out a form, calling you, asking for a quote, live chatting with you. But you didn’t connect with them, so they’re not advancing to the next level of your sales funnel.

If you answered C:

You aren’t converting leads to sales. Online selling inherently puts you at a disadvantage, psychologically speaking. You don’t get the buying signals you’d get from eyeball-to-eyeball human interaction. Web buyers prefer self-service mode, they cloak themselves in anonymity. They don’t want you to know who they are. They won’t reveal their buying intentions until they’re ready to buy from you.

Sales conversion, however, whether online or offline, happens after a trusted relationship is built. But that’s a big expectation from an impersonal website that doesn’t contain lead nurturing or “social proof” components.

Before deciding to invest in a brand new website, isolate the sales issues that need fixing. Obviously, you want to make your new website look prettier than what you currently have. But “pretty” won’t generate traffic or close sales for you. What is the business case for a new website? And what will be the new ROI? How much time will it take to earn it?

There are good reasons for investing in a new website, but most of them have to do with foundational fixes, such as correcting outdated html code or moving your site to WordPress to avoid outsourcing web updates, adding pages, etc. Perhaps, at a fraction of the cost of a new website, you can make changes to your existing site that get you to more traffic, more sales leads and more sales conversions faster.

In my next article I’ll recommend a few strategies to accomplish this.

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  1. Very informative, however in the deep dive analysis I believe if you answer C, it has more to do with the selling skills of the employees or selling/customer service related tools on your website such as online chat, phone number being clearly mentioned, skype integration etc.

    I used to face same problem with my design project 5stardesigners.com until I put a dedicated sales employee on phone, skype and to cater online chats and my sales conversion ratio increased by a ton.

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