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What a Messy Desk Says About You

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It can be a good idea to clean up your desk. But not if you’re looking to be creative. (See the full article on well.blogs.nytimes.com)


Lori Feldman‘s insight:

At times when I’ve “cleaned my desk” (or hired Cathy Sexton to “get me organized,”), I’ve relaxed in an ahhh state for, oh, about a week. Then the overwhelming urge to de-stack and spread out comes over me again.

Finally, the University of Minnesota validated my fundamental belief that chaos and mess do drive natural creativity. Its research study found “virtue in disarray” and “disordered offices encourage originality.”

Which is great for my line of work. Developing unique and responsive marketing content for website landing pages, blog articles, social media, email or drip marketing campaigns requires explaining your unique expertise in ways no one else can easily mimick. So when you need to think outside the box, let the clutter begin!



  1. I think my desk reflects my thoughts. If you are doing lots of things at once and pulling things together there are piles everywhere. But if I have a writing job that is blocking me I have to clear away everything to deal with it. I get better focus from a completely clear desk. LIke starting back in 2014.


  2. I must say my desk is a bit messy. I do clean it sometimes to help clear my thoughts and give my mind a break from screen. Then after only a few minutes of work it seems to jump right back into the same disorderly jumble as it started. So I guess maybe my creativity creates messes. Egg and chicken argument.

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