Sales keeps you in business;
lead generation keeps you in sales.

Future buyers interact with your company everyday. But they often leave breadcrumbs without actually identifying themselves as hot prospects. To busy salespeople, these anonymous leads are useless and represent lost sales opportunities to your business

Add a drip marketing (also called marketing automation) system and you'll...

  • Capture leads with compelling downloadable info
  • Import leads into CRM automatically
  • Route leads to the right sales rep or keep them on a "nurturing" track if they're low quality
  • Collect visitor metrics and run ROI reporting based on email blasts or interactions happening on your web pages or landing pages...even down to the keyword
  • Integrate with your social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Turn your database into real money!
  • Drip Marketing Camp
  • How To Write Amazing Content
  • Publishing Amazing Email Newsletters
  • Creating Your Annual e-Marketing Plan
  • Designing Revenue Generating Surveys
  • Creating List-Building Web Forms
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What Our Customers are Saying...

"I'm just doing some final tweaks and checking on the drip marketing campaign you wrote for us. I absolutely LOVE what you've done...amazing job! I found myself saying over and over again...Why didn't we think of saying it like that?!....Great stuff!"
Arlene Walker, Meschino Health
"The Database Diva moved me from being proficient to being a pro! I shrunk my bloated, outdated list from 9,500 to my top 2,000."
Patrick Loo, Mortgage Capital
"I actually got a consulting job (my first one ever) because my client liked my content marketing messages so much!"
Steve Arendt, Teeco Solutions





You never know when you might be able to profit from someone else's tragedy, after all.   Lori Feldman's insight: In the early 80s, before massive "Do Not Mail" legislation took effect, I was often asked in my job as a list broker for lists of widows and divorcees. Financial companies wanted these names to market their "rollover" services. Death information was compiled from the USPS's "deceased database" which was, essentially, ...



I wondered how long it would take after the new year started to be asked the question I get asked most often--and for which my advice is most often ignored. Answer: One day. I was asked today. In fact, I'm writing this article so I can point people here when they ask me everyday for the next 363 days. The question: "What's the best way to build my customer list?" There are hundreds of ways you can build your list if you don't need customers today...and very few ways ...



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It can be a good idea to clean up your desk. But not if you’re looking to be creative. (See the full article on   Lori Feldman's insight: At times when I've "cleaned my desk" (or hired Cathy Sexton to "get me organized,"), I've relaxed in an ahhh state for, oh, about a week. Then the overwhelming urge to ...