Blueprint Strategy Session

That sucking sound you hear?

It could be the black hole in your sales and marketing process where your future profits are evaporating into thin air. The Database Diva developed its personalized Blueprint Strategy Session to help you identify your weakest links.

If you’ve ever thought, “I don’t know which problem to fix first” or “What marketing solution will give me the fastest payback?” then this session brings clarity.

Invite your key management, IT and sales personnel to this meeting–and lock the doors. Over the course of 2 hours, we’ll guide you through a facilitated interview to identify gaps, determine how to automate your business processes, and optimize your sales and marketing infrastructure.

Your deliverable for this Engagement will be a detailed written implementation plan–a road map that laser focuses a step-by-step plan to go from lead acquisition to converted new customer. The Blueprint Strategy will:

  • Document your current marketing workflow/process and critique your current marketing plan
  • Recommend strategies for increasing prospect engagement (find out what is working and what is not so we can help you improve or replace what is not producing desired results)
  • Recommend ways you can increase email opens and click-through rates
  • Identify “triggers” in your sales process where leads may be falling through the cracks
  • Determine which drip marketing campaigns are needed to convert leads into clients and get referrals from those clients
  • Assess how you’re currently using your CRM and suggest ways to squeeze more profit from it
  • Make recommendations to increase email opens and click-through rates
  • Review your social media profiles and recommend ways to improve your effectiveness (including recommending focusing on a single platform rather than all platforms)
  • Evaluate your website and make suggestions on how to better convert visitors into leads
  • Discuss the optimum CRM / Marketing Automation / Website integration tools for you to use
  • Attract more website traffic and capture leads
  • Nurture prospects and educate them until they’re ready to buy
  • Convert more prospects into sales
  • Wow your customers during their “onboarding” and again as you deliver ultimate customer satisfaction
  • Upsell and resell more customers
  • Gain more referral business because you have an increase in satisfied customers (aka fans)

Your Road Map will be detailed, but tech-jargon-free (ie., your mother could understand it). The Blueprint may be implemented by you or you can hire us to help you implement it.

If this comprehensive look at your sales and marketing process sounds intriguing, complete this form to learn more about pricing and scheduling.