Boost Business with B2B Digital Lead Generation

“Companies that nurture leads make 50% more sales at a cost 33% less than non-nurtured leads.”

Source: Forrester Research

Sales keeps you in business; lead generation keeps you in sales

Need More Qualified Leads?

Your company’s sales pipeline needs a consistent and qualified stream of fresh leads–the fuel that drives increased revenue.  The good news is there has never been so many ways to fill your sales funnel. The bad news: Many don’t work for B2B companies or their cost-per-sale is too high. Before you “throw your budget against the wall to see what sticks,” schedule a 10-minute Brainstorm Session to hear our recommendations–no cost or obligation

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Want To Convert More Leads to Sales?

50% of active leads are qualified–but not yet ready to buy. Yet, 65% of B2B marketers don’t have a lead nurturing system to follow up until they are! Marketing automation software and strategy bridges the gap between “I need” and “I want.” Watch this tutorial on the “7 Ways To Use Lead Nurturing in your Business.”

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Squeeze More Profit From Customers

If you give reasonably good service, are scrupulously honest and sell a product or service that’s in demand in your marketplace, you’ll find current customers will respond favorably when you ask for time to show them more of your products and services.

How To Tell Your Story So Prospects Buy Even More

You’ve heard how “telling isn’t selling?” That’s even truer with your digital footprint. If your company has a “brochure” website, you’re likely losing sales opportunities you deserve to competitors with “direct response” websites–ones that offer personalized, interactive shortcuts, tips, and proven solutions. You may be able to modify, not redo, your website to do this yourself. Request a “Lead Generation Assessment,” and discover the specific refinements we recommend.

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Find More Incremental Revenue

Digital marketing is great for lead generation. But at the end of the day, it’s 50% easier to sell an existing customer more products and services than it is to find a new one. That’s why we recommend optimizing your customer and prospect database before you pay for more advertising. Email your list regularly to keep email addresses fresh. Upsell customers with personalized drip marketing offers. Use our exclusive Treasure Triangle Strategy to map out a digital marketing plan for your database.

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Know Where You Stand

Not every business can be completely systematized, but almost every business can automate some processes. Automating marketing processes is one of the easiest ways to start. Often you can eliminate your lowest-performing salesperson by automating basic follow-up systems. And these processes, unlike humans, consistently perform and are accountable in your metrics, such as Google Analytics or your marketing automation dashboard.

10+ Years of Proven Success Online

Real words from real customers!
  • You want feedback… I’ll give you feedback. I cannot express how well this campaign has performed so far… best lead generation that I’ve had in the last 10+ years. Obviously, you’ll continue to guide me and drive the campaign as necessary to protect against response drop-off, but I just wanted to express my pleasure with what we have done thus far and the results to date.
    Norman FinkNorman FinkOwner at NPF Consultants
  • Amazing support- Amazing Results! Have worked with The Database Diva for more than 10 years. Every report, every email, phone call, or training webinar is an eye opening experience that not only yields trackable results but more money in our pockets! All I can say is take the time to do the free consult. If you don’t learn something new that will increase your business success- you’d be the first.
  • The open rate is over 30%, and of those who opened it a staggering 35% clicked through to the content. We usually see 1-3%. As you can tell I am quite excited!
    Tim AtkinsonTim AtkinsonDirector, Membership and Chapter Support at
    Commercial Finance Association

Lori Feldman, The Database Diva

Making the commitment to go from email marketing to marketing automation is a big step with lots of “do this before you do that, before you do that.” In this interview, Lori Feldman demystifies the steps in creating high-performing sales funnels through nurture marketing.