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Good News Case Study

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I just got some great news, and I wanted to share it with you…We just made one of our brand new drip marketing clients lots of money! 🙂 Here are the deets (details): Our client is a family-owned manufacturing distributorship in the commercial flooring business that’s been in business more than 30 years Their average order is $20,000 Their database has 3,250 customers and prospects Their marketing up till now had consisted of sending out a few “safe,” promotional emails a year. But they had just updated their website,...

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Using Hatchbuck Lead Scoring to Rank a Prospect’s Buyer Readiness

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Do you know your prospect’s magic marketing number? That’s the score that shows when a contact in your database has crossed the threshold of “leave me alone” to “I’m ready to buy now.” Our number is “50.” Two years ago, my staff and I entered our contacts and sales notes manually into our CRM. We tracked our email marketing “hotties” by opens and clicks. Then we searched through the CRM to figure out who to call. It went something like this, “Here’s somebody we...

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A Perfect Case for Drip Marketing

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CSA Software Solutions provides fund accounting and utility billing software to small cities and utility companies. Gay Shelton is “the sales and marketing department” and does all the prospecting, too. Here’s Gay’s drip marketing success story… “The selling cycle is very slow for our market, averaging about 2 years. I realized I had to get organized and find a time-saving way to stay in touch with my prospects over those 24 months. “Through searching the internet, I began to follow The Database Diva...

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Could Your Business Be the Next YouTube Video Star?

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Feeling pressured by the new Google changes to create mountains of content to stay at the top of the search engines? Relax. Clickable, sharable, actionable content is “in you.” Here are 4 examples. Bethany Mota was a tween in 2009 when she started her YouTube channel to share her haul videos. Today she’s a business phenom with more than 9 million YouTube subscribers, a feature article in the WSJ and one of 3 “YouTube Stars” invited to interview President Obama in a live Google-sponsored video. Hank Green,...

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Does Drip Marketing Work?

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My entertainment of the day today was a call from a prospective customer who told me his business has been down for several years, and he was ready to try something new to get more sales. He asked if drip marketing really works. I said, how did you find me?” He answered–without any sense of awareness or irony– “I’ve been on your list getting your emails for years.” Good News, Bad News Customers don’t buy because we want them to. They’re on their own time frame. The good news is Forrester...

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Lead Generation with Hyper-Targeted Email Lists

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During the 90s I ran the Midwest’s largest mailing list brokerage company (outside of Chicago). We sold more than 6 million names a year to companies who needed sales leads and data for direct mail, market research and telemarketing. You don’t get that big without repeat business. Our mailing lists always outperformed our competition’s, and that’s how we sold so many lists. (In fact, that’s how we ended up getting into the CRM and marketing automation business…but that’s another blog post.) Enter...

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10 Tips for Getting Your Money’s Worth on Fiverr.com

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The internet is amazing. Yes, you can easily get sucked into the dark side of Kardashian PR ploys and cute kittens, but business innovations are abundant. Take Fiverr.com, the marketplace where anyone can buy or sell services (“gigs”) for $5.00–what Fiverr calls The Gig Economy. You know that Facebook business page you’ve been wanting to put up? Fiverr.com will design it for you for $5.00. That Pinterest graphic? Fiverr. “Explainer” video to put on your home page? Fiverr. Photoshop the background out of an...

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How Social Media Can Elevate Your Marketing Automation

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Over the past two or three years, full-power marketing automation has finally become available to businesses of all sizes. Source: www.forbes.com Even without social media, marketing automation is the newest market differentiator between you and another organization who’s not using it. See on Scoop.it – Drip...

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Attention Printers, Lettershops, Ad Agencies: Here’s How To Stick Your Toe into Inbound Marketing

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I get rants, fairly often, from traditional marketers who finally hear the clock ticking on their old business models and realize they need to “get into” Inbound Marketing or risk having their client base decimated by modern marketers. Printers, lettershops, ad agencies–these are all industries that thrived in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but have seen demand for their service diminish with the advent of social marketing. Fifteen years into this “online marketing,” thing, the “clock ticking” is more like a...

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Free Website Lead Training

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On Monday, November 17, I’m holding a new online training class called, “Why Your Website Won’t Cough up More Leads.” It will show you 5 simple ways to get more visitors to stick and convert to sales inquiries. While my training is $35 USD, the 5 techniques will cost you nothing other than time to implement–as long as you have an email or marketing automation system. (If you don’t, we recommend Swiftpage as entry level solution and Hatchbuck as a more robust solution) But if you’re serious about...

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