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Customers Who Want Something for Nothing

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This has been a tough year for salespeople in all industries–no doubt about it! But here’s another trend that’s gaining momentum: Customers who want something for nothing. It’s not just reality–it’s ACTUALITY!!

One of my clients, who pretty much has all his sales eggs tied up in one Fortune 100 basket, told me the purchasing department (who writes his checks) goes on retreats to learn how to squeeze its vendors! (I wonder if they fail the course if they don’t haggle over the cost of the training!)

This tactic is so preposterous. You can get all hot and bothered about it, especially because it’s usually pulled out of a hat in the “ninth inning” before the final signature is inked on the contract (sooo close you can taste victory). You gotta give the customer credit for trying. I’m sure it works some of the time.

How do you handle scenarios like these where customers want something for nothing? My favorite response: Laugh, and then say, “Wow! That was a good one!”


  1. Thank you! This is reassuring. As of late, I’ve been feeling inadequate when I don’t give in (or give up something for nothing). I will participate in negotiation, but both sides have to move for it to work.

    • Brian, I agree. To have a good business relationship, both sides must receive value. The customer must believe he’s getting value for his investment (and good salespeople find ways to deliver even more than that) and the salesperson must believe that his product or service is worth the asking price. If I ever do reduce a price or give something away, I feel entitled to ask my customer for something in return.

  2. Yep, know this one well: “we can not be bovered paying you to do the work, so just tell use how you do it, so we do not have to pay you”. Of course I can, go to college, give up lots of time and money to learn the skills for 3 years, go to Uni for another 4 years and spend £3000 a year in student loans, while pushing you self hard. Then push your self hard to get ready for exams, when passed spend another 3 years on professional courses spending alot on them, find a job and spend 3 more years gaining experience. You should be ready by then. If that’s to much for you, find Dave of all trades to help you out for free.


    • Tonny, I can see you’ve “been there, done that.” Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Excellent video and article. Tony nailed it as this just happened this weekend to myself. Customer went ballistic after I told him the email correspondence of me telling him how to do the job he was paying me to do was costing him. After being cursed out and hung up on, he wanted a full return of his money. Lost about two hours but sent him this URL for the video reference.


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