Why Drip Marketing Works

This is a true story.

A prospect had been on our “prospect drip marketing campaign” for several months. Finally, we closed the sale.

He’d been talking to one of our staff members, but our marketing manager scheduled me to lead our customary new-client meeting. I hadn’t had a single conversation with him, nor had I ever personally emailed him.

But when the meeting started, the president of the company greeted me with a smile in his voice and said,

Are you THE Database Diva? I’ve been reading your stuff and looking forward to meeting you!

He was primed and ready for me. Better, he was pre-educated on our process. It was thrilling—for both of us! What a nice way to start a relationship with a brand new client! Huge!

This is why drip marketing works.

This story took place about 10 years ago, when we began experimenting with our own drip marketing strategy. So the first time it happened, I was a little taken back, I have to say. Because I hadn’t *done* anything. Except add his name to the right lead nurturing campaign at the right time.

Today I’ve come to expect this kind of warm-up–-or I don’t feel I’ve nurtured our prospect long enough! We also incorporated drip marketing into every one of our business “trigger events.”

Studies show triggered messages outperform generic messages by 171%. (And it does feel that way when every day when a new drip marketing message goes out to a portion of our list.)

A trigger event in your business may be a…

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Drip marketing works because not everyone is ready to buy the first time they make contact with you. (Studies show it’s less than 4% of your web traffic.)

A drip marketing campaign nurtures your leads while they make up their minds. The campaign may last a week or a year, but it gives your prospect what he wants to know most, when he wants to know it.

Drip marketing is like cloning yourself and knowing that your clone will give the best advice and information and always ask for the order—just the way you would—but without the friction and hard sell of the typical sales process.

Marketing automation and drip marketing campaigns have changed our entire sales process for the better. It actually makes selling more fun and more productive. Schedule a free 10-minute Brainstorm Meeting with us and we’ll share our passions and successes with you to inspire you to start dripping as soon as possible in your business.

— Lori Feldman, Founder, The Database Diva