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Swiftpage Certified ConsultantSwiftpage has done a great job of  connecting Act! to many third-party cloud-based solutions, including other email service providers, via Zapier. However many Swiftpage users are still locked into using Swiftpage Email’s outdated CMS.

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Advanced Strategic Marketing

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Free Brainstorm Session

To learn more about our services and pricing, please schedule a free 10-minute brainstorm session using the orange button on the right side of this page.


Starter Packages

Sales & Marketing Technology Road Map – $500-$1,500

Invite your key management, IT and sales personnel to this meeting–and lock the doors. Over the course of 2 hours, we’ll formulate how to automate your business processes and build out your sales and marketing infrastructure. Your deliverable for this engagement will be a detailed implementation plan–a road map–that identifies the gaps in the steps from lead acquisition to converted new customer. The Road Map includes:

  • How to set up your marketing database with existing and custom fields
  • How to segment (code) your contacts
  • Recommended lead-generating web forms
  • Auto-responders and drip marketing sequences to consider

Your Road Map will be detailed, but tech-jargon-free (ie., your mother could understand it). The Road Map is ready for implementation by you or you can hire us to help implement it with you (see below).

Database Optimization – $700

The following are some of the fundamental “1-time set-up activities” that every marketing technology system needs.  Sometimes the learning curve for doing these is longer than the time it takes to actually do them. Therefore, many of our clients prefer to hire us to do them. The deliverable for this project is completion of the following:

  • 2 Web Forms – We will set up 2 web forms for your website and provide HTML coding to your webmaster for placement on your web page
  • 2 Auto-Responders – You will provide us with either a thank-you page URL or copy for a thank-you email for both web pages, and we will set up the 2 auto-responders
  • Up to 10 custom fields (optional) – Based on your Road Map, you may need to add custom fields to your marketing system. We include up to 10 in this project. If you have more, we will give you a quote for as many as you need.
  • Database Segmentation / Coding – What goes in must be coded. That is how you avoid sending “all messages to all people” and start matching contacts to the right messages.  We help you clarify your coding during the Road Map session and then label your segments for you in this project.
  • Creation of a “Mail Preference” custom field to track opt outs, bounced and invalid emails for suppression from future e-marketing
  • Setting up Email Address Lookup (a free ACT addon if you use ACT) to find, code and suppress undeliverable emails


Advanced Strategic Marketing

Nurture Campaigns – Starting at $2,500

Drip marketing campaigns and tagging rules / alerts are the heart of a lead generating marketing database. We will create, implement and GUARANTEE our campaigns–if you follow our advice all the way through. For details on how we do this, please visit our Drip Marketing Campaign page.

To see how one drip-marketing campaign generated a $25,000 sale in 3 days for one of our clients, please read this drip marketing case study.

Marketing Strategy Mentoring – $500-$2,500/mo., 6-mo. min.

For companies who are ready to get serious about tapping into the power of their marketing technology, we schedule a mutually convenient standing bi-weekly meeting lasting 90 minutes. Each meeting has a facilitated agenda based on your goals and deadlines.

We collaborate on these items by variously doing them with you or mentoring you while you do them and provide ongoing marketing strategy for improving results as they come in. After 6 months you will have plugged most of the gaps in your marketing strategy or know what needs to be done to plug them. You will also have mastered your marketing technology and feel comfortable with web forms, landing pages, drip marketing sequences, query rules, and tracking results.

During this engagement, you will have access to marketing strategy expertise and IT implementation and support, if needed.

Email Marketing Concierge Services

Send Monthly Swiftpage Email Blasts for you – $500

  • Create/modify a Swiftpage template with your images, copy, URLs
  • Update your list
  • Create a Call List
  • Send you an analytics report (open rate, CTR, forward, link report)
  • Clean up bad email addresses

Build Your Swiftpage Drip Marketing Campaign – $1,000

  • Does not include content creation – You provide all copy, images, links
  • Set up Swiftpage templates in sequence
  • Create your contact groups or create a lead-capture web-form as a drip marketing trigger
  • Launch your drip campaign

Swiftpage Training & Support

Swiftpage Group Training – Prices vary

Bi-weekly, see our calendar of events for topics, dates and pricing

Swiftpage Private Training

  • 2 Hours
  • Customized Agenda
  • We remote into your Swiftpage account to help you set up a real time blast or campaign, as you desire
  • 30 days of unlimited support

Swiftpage “No Wait” Support – $399 for 12 months

Here’s how it works:

You call us for help. We answer our phones and help you. (What a concept, right?) Support includes:

  • 12 Months of Swiftpage Help – $399.00 (less than $30/month!) – Help includes things like helping you troubleshoot software and template issues, launching drip marketing campaigns, tracking results, downloading your scores, metrics, deciphering what all the numbers mean, making recommendations on how to build your list, write better content, set up web forms on your website
  • 20 Minutes per incident*
  • 30% VIP discount for longer consulting
  • Free Bi-Weekly Swiftpage Group Training ($700 value)
  • Unlimited help via Phone Calls, Emails, Skype chat
  • Help with both Swiftpage Email, Survey and Drip Marketing modules

Support does not include us “doing it for you,” complete campaign integration, creating/editing content (altho we will give you a thumbs up or down)

How is this different than getting a support plan through Swiftpage ACT?

  1. We answer our phones LIVE when you call us–No waiting on hold
  2. We know how to solve your issue on the first call 95% of the time
  3. We respond to calls for help in multiple ways: phone, email, Skype chat
  4. Support is not tied to your ACT licenses. We don’t care what version of ACT you have. We will help you with your Swiftpage e-mail or drip  marketing campaigns regardless of ACT version or whether your Business Care is active or not.
  5. If your problem must be handled by Swiftpage engineers, WE handle the communication for you until your problem is solved
  6. Your email urgency is our top priority!


Stop spending hours trying to figure out Swiftpage Email. Get your free Swiftpage Cheat Sheet with 25 top hacks and shortcuts, including

* Which browser the content editor works with…and which ones don’t work or are “buggy”

* How to design mobile-ready templates

* The fastest way to send emails out AND avoid the content editor altogether

* The easiest way to update opt-outs, bounces, bad email addresses in your ACT database

* The best alternative for replacing Swiftpage once you’ve outgrown it

* Plus 20 more tips for template design, database segmentation, better email deliverability, database clean up and getting the highest email ROI

Fill out the form and get your free 4-page cheat sheet instantly!

NOTE FROM “THE DIVA”: The cheat sheet is sent only to valid email addresses. After submitting the form, you will receive the cheat sheet instantly–but only if you use a valid email address. If you do not use a valid email, the auto-responder (with the link to the very excellent cheat sheet) won’t be able to find you, and you will miss out on some really good stuff.