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Custom-Written Drip Marketing Campaign

If you or your sales team…

  • Spends too much time chasing low-hanging fruit to meet monthly sales quotas
  • Often fears that too many open proposals/estimates fall into black holes
  • Struggles to explain all the benefits of working with your company in your prospect’s limited attention span
  • Realizes that 96% of your website visitors are not ready to buy *today*…

…Then triggered drip marketing nurture campaigns may close those sales gaps and increase your top-line revenue with practically no extra effort on you or your team.


Drip marketing campaign creation starts with a workflow diagram.

The Database Diva excels in designing and writing lead-generating digital workflows supported by the magic of high-performing drip marketing campaigns. We’ve written more than 400 of them.

How Drip Marketing Campaign Creation Works

  1. We select one of your common business triggers to nurture. Some examples of sales triggers are:
  2. We schedule a facilitated Discovery Interview with one or more of your company’s subject matter experts. We help you uncover the hidden “gems” that make your business unique in the eyes of potential clients. We document how you express yourself about your products and services so we write in your voice. We listen for how you identify the demographics, behaviors, goals, challenges and motivations of your “ideal customer” to match your message to your target market
  3. Next, we create a Workflow Diagram of what your campaign will look like, including recommending the optimal timing and sequence of your messages. Once you approve, the writing process begins.
  4. You have final approval of all copywriting before messages are loaded into your marketing automation software
  5. We then guide you on how to use best database marketing principles, such as segmentation (or tagging) and lead scoring to qualify drip marketing nurture campaign recipients.
  6. If needed, your campaign creation also includes setting up and launching the drip marketing messages in your marketing automation software.
  7. Thirty days after your campaign is launched, we will meet with you online to help you interpret the tracking metrics and scoring.

Turnaround Time

Please allow 14-30 business days to complete and launch your drip. Turnaround time begins on the day of our Discovery Interview.