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Evaluating the Opt-Out Rate of your Email Marketing

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Are you emailing your list too much? Not enough? Either extreme can result in a higher than average opt-out rate, eliminating your ability  to use that channel to communicate with your list.

What’s an *average* opt out rate? Email marketing company Constant Contact reserves the right to “fire you” if you have too many opt outs, although they’re not clear about how many that is. But 0.1% or lower is typically a reasonable average. So if your list is approximately 5,000, no more than 5 should unsubscribe after each email blast.

Surprisingly, that percentage creeps up if you over mail (TMI) or under mail (out of sight is out of mind).

If your list knows what communication frequency to expect from you and your messages are timely and relevant to their needs, you’ll keep your opt-out rate down. But having some opt-outs is to be expected, so develop a “Plan B” for replacing lost subscribers at a faster rate than you lose them.

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