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Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies

Yes, social media marketing works for B2B marketers.

If your business hasn’t yet explored lead generation opportunities on social media, now’s the time. With all of the algorithm changes, privacy restrictions and your business competitors jumping into paid social media (most, ineffectively), it will never be this inexpensive or accessible to find social media leads as it is right now.

Think about this: If a 25% email open rate is considered above average, how do you reach the other 75% of contacts on your list who don’t open?

Using your database, social media becomes another marketing channel to reach your contacts–even those who may have already opted out of receiving emails from you to…

  • Schedule appointments
  • Sign up webinar or event attendees
  • Sell a product
  • Increase  your email list or community
  • Generate leads
  • Reach cold prospects

The 2 strategies The Database Diva recommends are:

  1. Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram,  Google and YouTube to your CRM contacts, and
  2. Retargeting, or showing follow-up ads, to everyone who visits one of your high-value web pages

The Database Diva can help you calculate an advertising budget and contact reach based on your targeted industry prospect profile.

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